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Spin Up Sales

Meet Your New Executive Sales Team.

You're in Good Hands

Meet Your New Executive Sales Team

Darriel Kelly

Chief Marketing Officer

Brad Hunter


Michael Glines


Anna Hunter

Chief Financial Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help your business & sales team grow. These are some of our most commonly asked questions. Don't see your question below? Please contact us and we'll gladly answer!

Why should we choose Spin Up Sales instead of developing my our sales team?

Whether you are a start-up company creating your sales organization from scratch, you need interim Sales Leadership until you find the right fit, or you want to fine tune your Go-To-Market strategy, Spin Up Sales is who Scaling Companies turn to when they are serious about growth.

How is Spin Up Sales different from other sales leadership professionals, consultants, etc?

Do not adopt a canned sales strategy and try to make your sales team and products mold to it. Your sales strategy and team should be built around the Product you are selling and the value your customers get from your product. Once that is clearly defined, the rest of the sales organization should be built around that. Your Sales organization should never be built around someone else's sales processes.

How much can we expect to spend on your services?

Employ an experienced Sales Leadership team for a fraction of the cost. We've developed our team to efficiently drive sales and develop a complete sales process for your organization in the most cost effective way possible. This process has been specifically developed to save your business money as you pursue the ultimate sales department. Furthermore, we make sure that the processes your team adopts keep your sales team lean and efficient for years to come.

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