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Anna Hunter

Anna Hunter

- Chief Financial Officer

Personal Details

I am a strategic-minded executive with 20 years of experience in finance, accounting, human resources, and operations. As a partner with Rankin McKenzie, I apply my financial knowledge and business expertise to help clients build their own operations. Focused, analytical, and results-oriented, I drive profitability, relying on sound growth strategies to guide business leaders as they execute their next move.

From small-business accounting to high-risk ventures, clients turn to me for financial direction, needs analysis, and growth opportunities. My broad spectrum of experience allows me to effortlessly connect with clients on their individual level, envisioning a solution to each company’s unique needs. I have handled financial reporting, budgeting, cash flow analysis, treasury management, recruitment of employees, operations management, commercial leases, and office expansions. Whatever tools are required—whether systems, capital, leadership, or real estate—I locate the resources and uncover the solutions to secure a bright future for organizations.


► Equity and Venture Financing
► Investor Management
► Entrepreneurial and Start-up Companies
► High-Growth Challenges
► Treasury Management
► Budgeting/Forecasting Financials
► Audit, Tax, and Insurance
► Human Resources
► Facilities and Commercial Leasing