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Michael Glines

Michael Glines

- Founder

Personal Details

I believe our clients are unsung heroes. They need specific guidance from us, but still have jobs to do with other tasks to complete. As an advisor, I advocate for their success and equip them along the way to shine and get the credit they deserve.

As a manager, I help my teams set the vision, the groundwork, and their own milestones for success. Most times it means pushing them out of their comfort zones so the success—individual or collective professional growth—is genuinely theirs and not mine.

Growing up, I loved to take things apart, see how they work, and put them back together in ways that made them better. I began working as a maintenance technician when I was 15, making money doing what I loved. At 17, I opened my own successful business in the same industry.

I still dismantle and reassemble moving parts with an entrepreneurial spirit. I love to recruit, mentor, and teach people to grow and succeed. I build, scale, and empower teams to achieve more than they believe possible. As stronger professionals, they in turn help our clients succeed.